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Is it possible to do all the theory lessons without doing in-car sessions?

The SAAQ authorizes us to temporarily give theory modules online for phases 2 and 3 (i.e. modules 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10), without having to alternate with in-car sessions. The minimum deadline to complete phase 1 remains at 28 days, but the deadlines for phases 2 and 3 are temporarily lifted. They will be reactivated soon, given that the on-road courses resumed on June 15 they will be reactivated soon but we do not know at this time when it will be done.

Can I do my Module 5 exam online?

Yes! The SAAQ has temporarily authorized taking the Module 5 exam online

How are in-car sessions being held?

Since it is impossible to maintain a 6ft distance inside the vehicle students must bring and wear their own masks. Cars are disinfected between each student and all the health & safety standards are in effect

How can I schedule my in-car sessions?

All driving classes can be scheduled online. Students are being contacted by order of priority to allow them access to the system

Can I take my driving exam at the SAAQ even if I have a few lessons left?

It is mandatory to complete the entire Road Safety Education Program before taking the driving test at the SAAQ.

Road Safety Education Program

At what age can I get a driver’s licence?

You must be at least 16 years old to obtain your permit. Minors require the consent of their parent/legal guardian. The form may be found under our SAAQ resources “parental consent”

How long does it take to complete the Road Safety Education Program?

The driving course is a mandatory minimum 12-month program. You may take up to 18 months from the date of the first course to finish the program.

Can I choose my own course hours?

We aim for flexible scheduling to match your busy life. Theory classes are set by the administration while driving is entirely your choice (subject to availability of course)

How much does a learner’s licence cost?

The learner’s licence costs $71.72 valid for a period of 18 months

Where do I get my learner’s licence?

Once the theory test is passed with the driving school the learner’s licence may be obtained from a SAAQ service outlet. Visit our SAAQ resources to find a service outlet.

How many demerit points am I allowed with a learner’s licence?

You have 4 demerit points with your learner’s permit. If you obtain 4 demerit points your learner’s will be suspended for a period of 90 days. If you are convicted of a Highway Safety Code violation your learner’s permit will be suspended for a period of minimum 3 months and you will receive a fine for the offence committed.

Who can I drive with at home?

Your accompanying rider can be anyone who has had a valid driver’s licence for a period of 2 years.

Do I need insurance to drive with my accompanying rider?

Your accompanying rider may have to contract a special insurance for the duration of the period you have a learner’s permit. Make sure they contact their insurance provider before getting on road.

Can I drive after consuming alcohol or marijuana (legal in Canada)?

While alcohol and marijuana are legal substances in Canada, regardless of age, there is a zero-tolerance policy for those who hold a learner’s permit. This means you cannot drive if you have any level alcohol or marijuana in your system no matter how small.

Licence Exchange

I have a licence form my home country, do I still need to enrol in the program?

You may drive for a period of 6 consecutive months in Quebec. Once this period is up, you must hold a valid international driver’s licence or obtain a Quebec driver’s licence. Check out this link to for more information based on your situation: https://saaq.gouv.qc.ca/en/drivers-licences/foreign-drivers-licence/

How long can I drive in Canada with my foreign licence?

Based on your status you may be eligible to drive in Quebec for different periods of time. Those on a student visa may continue using their foreign licence for the duration of their studies. Work permits/United Nations Convention Refugees and other status applicants will have to consult with the SAAQ. The general grace period is 6 months

Can I still obtain a licence if I am not a Canadian citizen?

You may obtain your permit only upon providing proof to the SAAQ that you are eligible to stay in Canada for at least 6 months. You must contact the SAAQ by calling (514) 954-7771 in the Montreal region or 1-888-356-6616.

What documents do I need to bring to the SAAQ?

To determine whether you can receive your licence the SAAQ will request official documents, such as a birth certificate, Permanent Resident Card, Passport, etc to determine which procedure applies to your situation.