Driving Courses

Road Safety Education Program & Perfection Courses

Road Safety Education Program

The road safety education program is a mandatory 12 month program to obtain the driver’s licence in Quebec. Temporary modification to the program during COVID-19: All theory classes are held online. The delays for phases 2 and 3 have been temporarily lifted meaning modules 6 through 10 may be taken without alternating with in-car sessions. For more information visit our FAQ page.

With these easy steps we make sure our learner’s become confident & independent users of the road network:

Phase 1 covers a period of 28 days to obtain the learner’s licence
From Phases 2-4 finish the rest of your theory courses and learn to drive with our passionate, dynamic, and experienced in-car teachers.
After 10 months of holding the learner’s licence, candidates are eligible to take the theory test at the SAAQ to obtain the probationary licence. The driving test is done at the end of the program, but no need to worry, we prepare our students well.

Complete these steps to obtain the probationary licence and become an independent driver, but be careful, only 4 demerit points are allowed.

Perfection Courses

Defensive Driving

Learn defensive driving strategies to become a safe, conscientious, and cooperative road user

Licence Exchange

New to Québec? Our driving classes are designed to help navigate roads and pass the SAAQ exam

Winter Driving

Learn the techniques and skills required to master any winter driving situation with ease and confidence